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TiWorker Metal Technology Co., Ltd
Mr Zhang

16 Years Experience for Heat Treatment

Mr Sun

8 Years Experience for Forging Machine Operate

Mr Liu

13 Years Experience of Machining Operate

Mr Yang

32 Years Experience of Titanium Bar Finishing Treat for Polish & Deburring

Mr Wu

27 Years Experience of Grinding Machine Operate

Ms Yang

23 Years Quality Audit & Quality Control

Mr Hu

23 Years Peeling Machine Operate Experience

Mr Wang

16 Years Experience for Centerless Lathe Machine Operate

Mr Du

33 Years Experience of Cutting Machine Operate

TiWorker Metal Technology

TiWorker Metal Technology Co., Ltd is a company that has proven experience, certified quality and dependable service providing specialty metals leadership and supply chain innovation.  It is through those strengths that we have expanded our abilities and supported our customers for over 25 years.  Our customers depend on TiWorker Metals for the very best in titanium metals, complete processing services, timely delivery and expert service.  We are also the best source for providing innovative supply chain solutions China.

TiWorker Metals is more than a supplier.  We are a partner you can trust for sound advice and responsive service.  We will get to know your company, your applications and your specialty metals needs while developing a program that satisfies those needs allowing us to help your company achieve its production and profitability goals like never before.

Your TiWorker Metals representative is a professional who is backed by years of training and experience.  As a result, they can provide proactive service and advice to help you succeed. Our goals are created with the objective to drive your success.

TiWorker Metals stands for integrity, respect for the individual, commitment, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  Finally, we stand for you, our customer.

TiWorker Metals is dedicated to recognizing, respecting, embracing, and supporting the unique characteristics and experiences that have shaped the lives of our employees. We aim to cultivate an inclusive environment where differences are positively embraced and everyone feels valued, considered, and accepted.

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